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À venir

Past Activities :

Christmas in Pyjamas
19 December 2020 à 19h30

Put on your nicest pair of pyjamas (if you want) and come enjoy a wonderful winter evening at the Biodôme. The festive program includes a guided tour of the polar world, a comforting snack and a …

Animal Clinic!
15 November 2020 à 10h00

In the comfort of your own home, sit back and watch the live medical check-up of one of the Biodôme’s residents. Dr. Joëlle Garand, the Biodôme veterinarian, is inviting Friends of the Biodôme to learn more …

Pumpkin Pop
31 October 2020 à 11h00

With Halloween fast approaching, it’s time to carve and decorate the pumpkins that will be served up to Biodôme residents. This job, normally performed by Biodôme employees, will be the responsibility of FMBS members this year! …

Live presentation: The animals are back!
20 September 2020 à 10h30

It has taken nearly two years to complete the Biodôme Migration project. We were so excited to get the animals back into their habitats. Several modifications were made to these living environments and many challenges were …

Activities to come
20 August 2020 à 00h00

Stay tuned to discover the new programming offered to Friends of the Biodôme for fall 2020! You will be able to learn about our brand new activities from August 20 🙂

Test Mission!
February 8th 2020 from 9am to 3pm

As soon as it reopens, a new mobile application will be available to all visitors who wish to enhance their experience at the Biodôme. The Friends of the Biodôme are invited to test this new application …

Planting for Biodiversity
8 September 2019 à 13h30

Buckthorn, a plant introduced to Québec for its ornamental qualities, is an invasive species in many wooded areas. It interferes with the growth of native plants and limits biodiversity in the areas it affects. In the …