Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Friends of the Montreal Biodôme Society consists of seven people, five members of the Society and two representatives of the Biodôme. The Board meets regularly to oversee the overall functioning of the Friends of the Montreal Biodôme Society. The General Assembly takes place in March of each year.

Here is the list of members and representatives:

Jean R.Roy, President
Michel Delorme, Vice President
Isabelle André, Secretary
Joëlle Petit, Treasurer
Pierre Molina, Administrator
Suzanne Boisvert, Representative of the Montreal Biodôme
Jean Philippe Gagnon, Representative of the Montreal Biodôme

Word from the President


All of us love to learn, observe, show, and even introduce others to what amazes us. What joy, during a visit to witness the gaze of the others (young and old) that shines in the discovery of the natural sciences, through one or another of the Biodôme’s ecosystems.

You may therefore understand the pleasure experienced by the members of the Friends of the Montreal Biodôme Society who attend various activities during a year, some of which organized exclusively for them, where animators, veterinarians, aquaristes and the Biodôme scientists share with generosity and enthusiasm their professional experiences.

We warmly invite you to join the Friends of the Montreal Biodôme Society. By having access to the Biodôme throughout the year, you will see life throughout the seasons, in each of the ecosystems.

The Friends of the Montreal Biodôme Society, the “SABM” has proudly supported the Montreal Biodôme since March 30, 1992, hence a little more than twenty two years. This is no minor accomplishment! And this year, for the winter 2014 season, we are particularly pleased to welcome you with our new logo. We wanted a contemporary, current, image for our website, which also has been modernized and conveys todays tastes. We hope that you will find pleasure while browsing through and finding new activities.

Wishing to stimulate your interest in knowledge, public education, scientific research, life sciences and the environment and promoting the Biodôme through innovative exhibits,

Jean R. Roy