Presentation: Secrets of the Biodôme

19 September 2021 à 10h30

The Biodôme in itself is an awe-inspiring adventure where human ingenuity is constantly faced with that of nature.

Come discover some secrets and odd  occurrences that took place under its roof in its 29 years. Did you know that the Biodôme once housed a beluga and a colony of Northern Gannets? That sloths are not at all in the original habitat intended for them? That an international flower show inspired the creation of the Biodôme? That we gave a zip line ride to our tropical forest fish? That some of the trees in the tropical forest were not planted by Biodôme horticulturists, but by bats? That there is a direct link between the snow of the sub-Antarctic world and foot health? These are but a few examples of the unusual topics that will be addressed during the presentation.

Time: 1 hour

Suggested age: 8 years and up  

Where: Online

language: French only

* Please note that due to the changing situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, this activity could be cancelled or modified at the last minute.

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